Too many options

You know you want to leave but you have no idea what comes next.

You know you'd rather be doing something different. In fact, you would quit tomorrow if you knew what you should be doing instead. You have other interests and passions, but how do you know which one is the RIGHT one?

No point in wasting time pursuing a dead end. May as well stay where you are until you figure it out.

Hold up.

You're never going to get the answers you're looking for if you think there is only one right answer. There are so many different lives you could lead, lots of them more fulfilling than the path you’re on now. Besides, research in positive psychology has proven that it’s not the end goal that brings happiness, but the process of getting there. Remember that saying – life is a journey, enjoy the ride?


Focusing on the end goal sets you up to believe you'll only be happy once you get there AND it's super intimidating. Instead, focus on just the next right step. Tap into your intuition and trust what it tells you.

I'm rooting for you. Check out these posts I picked to help people like you who can't quite nail down what they'd really love to be doing with their lives. 

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