Not a priority

You've decided to settle because you've got other, equally important things to worry about.

Maybe you have kids, or a side hustle on the go, or a big vacation or house project you're saving for. Either way, you keep making excuses for why it's best to stay. You'll figure out that pesky little problem of total dissatisfaction with work later.​


Problem is, life is happening right now. Focusing on what you get to enjoy when you're not at work is a good strategy in the short-term, but eventually you will wake up one day crushed at the realization that life passed you by while you wasted your potential.​


So what to do? ​Start practicing some faith (and I'm not talking about the religious kind, unless that's your thing) and believe you CAN have it all. It IS possible to take care of your family, go on holiday, have nice things, AND a career you love. Why the hell not? ​When you change what you believe and think, your reality changes too.


Start by identifying and becoming aware of your limiting beliefs​. Then challenge them – are they true? Are they fact? What new, empowering beliefs can you replace them with?​

I'm rooting for you. Check out these posts I picked out especially for people like you, having trouble breaking out of their rut. 

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