We want people who feel stuck - who want to make a change but keep talking themselves out of it - to feel inspired to GO FOR IT.

If you can relate to any of the BLOG TOPICS listed here, we want to feature you!

Pick the theme that resonnates with you the most. I'll send you a few short questions and your answers will be included in one of our weekly blog posts.

Share your story to inspire others to follow their dreams too!

You DON'T have to be a business owner to contribute. You can also just be your average Joe/Jill trying to pursue your dreams.



*these topics will only be available until August 31, 2019, at which point a new list will be posted.

1. Hustled like crazy to build your side hustle while working another job at the same time?

2. Felt so trapped by stability and security you talked yourself out of going for your passions?

3. Tried or toyed with the idea of many different things before you finally just went for something?

4. Had to convince those around you to support your dream or abandon them or their opinions?

5. Felt so energized by what you’re doing for your job/business because it plays to your biggest strengths?

6. Felt overwhelmed by how how hard the choice is to pursue your own path but pushed through?

7. Felt too busy to figure out the steps you needed to take in order to make your big change?


8. Felt like before you could go all out in your business/following your dream, that you first needed an exact step by step process to follow

9. Felt really resentful of whatever situation was holding you back and this resentment is what fueled you to make a change?


10. Had physical symptoms of needing to make a change and now that you’re doing what you love, physically feel so much better

11. Tried putting off making your big change for so long before you finally realized it was your only option



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