Guilty, Guilty, Guilty

You are caught in a tailspin of worry, self-doubt and indecision that leaves you unable to take action.

The idea of quitting has you feeling bad about everything, with thoughts like:

What will people think?

My family will be so disappointed

My team will feel abandonned.

My boss will be so pissed.

I'll be throwing the last few years down the drain.

I really should stay and put my degree and experience to "good use"


All that guilt has you quitting only in your wildest dreams!

Your first step is to get back in touch with your authentic self - who you really are.


Spend some time investing in activities that make you feel good about yourself or that help you figure out what your strengths and interests are. This way, when it comes to putting yourself first, you know exactly what that means.


Practicing some self-love and self-compassion will help too. Cut yourself a little slack - try speaking to yourself the way you would to a best friend.

I'm rooting for you. Check out these posts I picked out especially for people feeling guilty, like you.