Too practical and ... afraid

Your plan has to be just right before you're ready to take the leap

The quiz told you that you are still stuck because you’re too practical ... and maybe a little afraid. Your plan has to be just right before you're ready to take the leap.

You've done everything you were supposed to your whole life (did some post-secondary, got a job, 'settled down') and all of a sudden you've realized - this is it? This is all there is to life?

But because you're so logical, and you do things that make sense, you absolutely need a plan if you're going to just up and leave a job with a good salary and benefits.

And your plan, well, it just isn't quite right yet. You want to be absolutely sure that your plan for what you'll do when you quit is foolproof before you even think about quitting.

But here's the thing: there is no fool proof plan. No one can guarantee you won't fall flat on your face if you make the leap. But people have succeeded in the face of all odds so why can't you? Plus, as a logic-minded planner, you already have plenty of the most important skills you'll need to succeed.

It will take some serious mindset shifting to focus on how great things could be rather than how terribly you could fail. So it's time to start working on some of the other skills you'll need to have the life you want - faith and guts. 

But I've got your back. Check out these posts I picked out especially for planners like you, who are holding on a little too tightly. 

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