I'm Mae K.

I'm here to help you get your butt out of that desk chair or meeting room, figure out what you're really meant to be doing with your life and go for it.  

It took the decision to stop settling for "good enough" for me to follow my heart and pursue my own path. There was no way I wanted to end up on my death bed feeling like I hadn't made the most of my one life on Earth. And I know you don't either.

So tell me, do you ...

Feel a sense of dread on your way in to work at the idea of spending yet another whole day of your life doing something that doesn't fill you up?

Come home feeling so drained that all you can bring yourself to do is watch Netflix and eat junk (even if your job's not that stressful or tiring)?

Feel panicked on a Friday afternoon at the thought of only having two days to squeeze in everything you love spending time on?

Imagine instead ...

Being excited to get out of bed because you know you're going to spend the day doing what you're best at and what you most love.


Spending more time throughout the week having fun and working on your creative hobbies without a black cloud of dread following you around.


Going to bed feeling satisfied and fulfilled, knowing you did everything you wanted to, with intention and purpose, because you are the boss of your own life. 

Get unstuck and find your true calling with my 3-step Get Lit Up formula

Then book your free 30 minute Coaching Call to find out how to put it into action. 

"Sitting down with Mae and working through my actions and responses and addressing the internal beliefs and behaviours that left me stuck in an unfulfilling cycle has changed my life for the better in a significant way.


I am extraordinarily grateful for Mae's empathetic and intuitive approach and extremely satisfied with her ability to critically analyze the way that my thoughts affect my actions and how I can take control of patterns of anxiety and worry that have held me back from long-term happiness for decades."



Thinking of quitting?

Find out what's stopping you.

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