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Are you wanting to make a change to your career or life path but don't know  where to start? 

Maybe you:

Know you're not on the right path but can't figure out what the right one is and don't want to make a change until you figure that out?

Know what you'd really love to be doing but can't figure out how to make it happen?

Are feeling unfulfilled and meh about life but objectively know nothing's wrong and aren't sure what to change?

Try the YOUR FIRST STEPS assessment and find out:

  • The first and most impactful thing you need to do to get unstuck

  • How to find the answers you're looking for on what's next for you

  • Strategies to immediately feel better and boost your energy and motivatio

After one hour, you’ll have a clear understanding of what’s keeping you stuck and clear first steps for what to do about it. 


  • The Energy Leadership (TM) Index assessment (20 minute online assessment only available through an iPEC Certified Coach)

  • ELI report with custom results

  • 1:1 60 minute Energy Leadership Index debrief session. 

Investment: $97

"I had an amazing coaching session with this fabulous lady Mae Kroeis last night and had an amazing "AHA" moment. I felt an immediate energy shift that changed my entire perspective! 

Thank you Mae soooooo much for your coaching last night! You are amazing at what you do and I look forward to more sessions with you in the near future!"

-Cindy Muzzin

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