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What are you going to do after mat leave?

Here's where you get clear on that.

The Life After Mat Leave course will help you figure out what's REALLY important to you.

You want to be a good — scratch that, a PHENOMENAL mom AND you want to have a life that feels meaningful to you outside of motherhood.  Stay home, and you're bored out of your skull. Go to work, and you're rushing home to squeeze in a quick snuggle before bed. There's no win! (Or... is there?)


Let me help you unpack all of those messy thoughts & feelings in this 4-step online video course so you can get clear on what's best for you and your family.


Step 1:

Clear your mind to make the best decision for you by releasing feelings of resentment, stress, and doubt

Step 2:

Uncover thoughts & worries getting in the way of making a decision — and learn how to navigate them.


Step 3:

Explore the most important factors to consider when choosing what feels right for you & your family.

Step 4:

Establish habits and mindset strategies essential to taking confident steps down your new path.

Are you a mom who's feeling
uncertain about work?

This is a transitionary moment in your life — make a decision about what to do next, and KNOW, to your core, that it's the right one.


I thought that halfway through my leave would be too soon, but was happily surprised by how helpful this workshop was! Mae's thoughtful questions and helpful exercises provided the prompts I needed to navigate my worries & stop wasting mental energy thinking about it.


Purchase the online course & receive $50 off a one hour session with Mae!

Check out the FREE Life After Mat Leave Decision Tree for extra support!

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