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Ready to live - your version of - life to the fullest and do something you love?

If you’re tired of dragging yourself through the workday, feeling bored and not caring, your "good" job draining your zest for life and leaving little room to find an alternative ...

And you desperately wish you could do something with your life that excites you, that maximizes your strengths and lets you realize your full potential but you're not sure what that is or how to make it happen ... 

Let's figure out your next move.

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YOUR NEXT MOVE 1:1 Coaching Program

Designed to break you free from the unfulfilling job that's keeping you stuck and guide you towards a path that lights you up and feels right.

A flexible 4-step process tailored to your pace and needs:

Step 1: Shift Your Stuck Energy

When you're feeling stuck, you feel trapped, frustrated and hopeless about your future, maybe even on the verge of burnout.


In this step, we help you start to feel more positive, healing from burnout and the effects of doing something you don't like and that isn't a fit, and bring more flow, fun and YOUness back into your life so your perspective expands and you can see more solutions of what to do next.

Step 2: Get Out of Your Own Way

Your brain is designed to keep you safe by convincing you to play small. All of those 'credible reasons' it's feeding you about why you should just stay stuck, and not risk making a change cannot go unquestioned. 


In this step we uncover all your limiting beliefs  (i.e. the ways you hold yourself back and the things you tell yourself MUST or SHOULD be done or not done) so we can learn strategies to get past them. 

Step 3: Uncover Your Purpose

It's time to figure out the right path for you - your purpose. Your purpose is whatever best aligns with your values (what's most important to you), your passions (what you enjoy doing), and your strengths (what you're good at.  

In this step we explore these dynamic facets of who you are, separate from the stories you've told yourself about who you need to be or should be and our culture's prescribed way of living so we can unearth and pursue what you're really meant to be doing with your life.

Step 4: 'Maek' it Happen

It's time to put things into action. But taking real steps to put yourself, your plan and/or your desires out there into the world requires that we first build a strong sense of trust in yourself, think through worst case scenarios to lessen fears and practice getting comfortable in the uncomfortable. 

In this step we take action to turn your ideas into reality in a way that feels safe, comfortable and motivating.

What's Included:

  • Twelve 45-60 minute coaching calls (6 months) 

    • ​To help you find clarity, feel supported and build forward momentum.

  • Bonus Energy Leadership Index (TM) Assessment report & 60 minute debrief session

    • Unique attitudinal assessment ​offering you a framework for shifting your perspective so you can move through life in a way that serves you better.

  • Email check-ins

    • ​So you don't get stuck between calls and can continue making progress

  • Welcome Package

    • Includes the Roadmap to Finding and Living Your Calling (value of $50)- a pdf workbook designed to guide us through the process with extra prompts and activities for you to work through at your leisure.

    • Other goodies to spark your sense of inspiration and excitement about this first step towards making a change

  • Wrap-Up Summary & 30 minute wrap-up call

    • A pdf summary of key lessons learned and a wrap-up call so you can reflect on all you've learned and carry it forward into the future

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What clients are saying:

"I absolutely got my money’s worth. It’s amazing how you think you know yourself and yet you have so much more to learn and figure out!


Mae guided me to areas of myself I didn’t know were there. She helped me recognize my limiting beliefs and how my mindset could be holding me back from the life I really want. I now look at things very differently.


My work with Mae has guided me to my authentic self and it’s hugely empowering. I would definitely recommend Mae to anyone who isn’t feeling good in their current job or career, to anyone who is unsure of the right path for them…it’s a real gift to work with Mae and come out the other side more self aware, more empowered and with the right tools to MAEK the magic happen!"

Get unstuck and start living a life that lights you up!

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