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Hi! I'm Mae K

It wasn't that long ago I found myself wondering why my 'good' job and 'good' life weren't filling me up the way the world had promised they would. I was haunted by the feeling that there was something more out there for me that I was missing out on.

I would come home from work feeling drained, with just enough energy to spend the night on the couch watching TV. 

Each time I considered making a change, I felt overwhelmed with guilt for not feeling more grateful for what I already had.

But I wanted more.


I wanted to wake up feeling excited for the day. I wanted to spend my time on the creative things I loved that left me feeling inspired. I wanted my time to be my own. I wanted to feel like I was living to my full potential.


It wasn't that I didn't like my life, I did. But I felt disillusioned. Duped. I had followed the exact steps I was supposed to: go to school, get a degree, get a responsible job. And yet, I felt unfulfilled and I couldn't ignore it no matter how hard I tried. 


I knew I wanted to make the most of my background (Master's degree in Public Health and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology) and experience (working as a public servant in the field of mental health promotion) but I didn't know what other kind of work I might like. I longed to use my strengths and passions to be creative and empower others but


I felt trapped and stuck on a path I couldn't figure out how to get off of. 


I spent a ton of time, money and energy reading self-help books, venting to friends, and fantasizing about the entrepreneurial life.


The fear of leaving a job that "made sense" and the cluelessness about what I would do otherwise kept me from making a change.  


It wasn't until I did some serious digging and thinking outside the box and that I discovered professional coaching as my next step and I am so excited that now, everyday I get to use my strengths to empower others.


My mission is to help you let go of the excuses you've been making for why you should just settle and stay stuck. Life is what you make it. And while a sentence like that would have left me feeling frustrated and powerless just a few years ago, now, I know it's true. 

Why work with me as your coach?

I have taken my 20 year career in mental health promotion and combined it with a Certification in Professional Coaching to coach others like me (that's you!) to live a life that lights them up. I am an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and have spent years studying positive psychology, helping others implement in in ways that empower them to take control over their lives, and have coached many others just like you to find and pursue their passions.

The real me

I love getting outside. I playing games and telling stories to my 3 kiddos and am notorious for trying to do too many things at once and misplacing important things. I love craft beer, my Nespresso machine, reading a good book, and starting but not finishing knitting projects. I am mostly known for messy hair, losing things and peeing my pants when I laugh too hard. 

It's your turn - No more excuses. I have a proven process for overcoming the lack of motivation, fear, indecision and the comfort of your current reality. Tell me your story and I'll tell you how I can help! 

"Mae was super-supportive and reassuring. For me, reaching out to try and undo the cycles I was trapped in was difficult, and Mae's supportive and understanding attitude made all the difference for me. 

Mae was the type of coach who is there to guide you to find that better place and support you every step of the way in seeking those tough answers and confronting those scary questions we love to avoid. 

Mae is awesome - and her ability to guide people towards discovering their truth and their path is truly amazing"

- Liam

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