Are you ...

Between jobs and unsure of your next step?

Unfulfilled in the job you're in now but don't see a way out?

Thinking about a side hustle but can't seem to take that first step to get going?

Don't waste your time going down the wrong path

Paying for more education

Spending time networking

Investing in a business idea 

Until you're sure it will get you what you're really hoping for -


Join our 8 week group coaching program to figure out your next move and go for it.

The Your Next Move online group coaching program will help you:

  • Figure out your next move - one that feels inspiring, fulfilling and pays the bills (get started here)

  • Get past the excuses keeping you stuck, like not wanting to veer away from your education and experience, needing a perfect fool-proof plan before making a move, or worrying about what other people will say

  • Set a plan with doable action steps you actually follow through on so there is no way for you get off track

  • Learn strategies to overcome your anxiety and fears about maeking a change

What to expect when you sign up:

  • The Energy Leadership Index Assessment and 60 minute 1:1 coaching debrief session 

  • Resources, worksheets and homework

  • Unlimited guidance, support and encouragement via email and text coaching for the duration of the program

  • A community of like-minded people to lean on experiencing the same issues and undergoing the same transformations as you

  • Opportunities for 1:1 focused coaching within the group setting 

  • 8 weekly group coaching sessions 1.5 hours long, where we'll tackle:

    • The key to getting unstuck - aligning your life with your values, passions and strengths

    • Altering your hidden attitudes about money, safety, security​ and risk-taking

    • Your own biggest fears holding you back and strategies to get past them

    • Safety net planning - contingency plans for worst case scenarios

Get past your low energy and lack of motivation, the fear of leaving stability and security behind and your uncertainty about what to do next.


Feel confident, calm and inspired about your future.


Let's Maek it Happen!

 Maek it Happen Life Coaching

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