Ready to cure your quarter, 30s, mid-life crisis? 



Ten coaching sessions and 5 steps to get you unstuck and start living a life that lights you up.


Let go of shoulds


Raise energy and build confidence


Tackle Fear


Uncover your unique combination of passions and strengths


Make a plan for your new path

01 Let go of shoulds - because it's not your fault that you got to where you are. You did everything you were supposed to and yet you find yourself thinking - this is all there is?! Why aren't I happier? We will delve into your definitions of success, what 'work' truly means to you, and so much more. 


02 Raise energy and build confidence - because if you're stuck, a part of you is withering away. That's the part of you that needs to feel inspired and motivated again in order for you to make a change. We will use the Energy Leadership Index assessment that I am uniquely trained to administer to help you shift your energy and learn strategies to choose how you experience your life. 

03 Tackle Fear - because you won't get anywhere if your inner critic's voice is louder than your inner dreamer's. We'll take a deep dive into the patterns of thought that hold you back and work at creating new, supportive thought patterns. 

04 Uncover your unique combination of passions and strengths - because even though it seems like this is where we should start, we have to do the dirty work first. Now, the fun part! We'll sift through your passions and strengths to figure out what you want to do now that we've gotten rid of what you think you should do. 

05 Make a plan for your new path - because what good is all this work if we don't get you going on following through? What are your next steps? How can you continue to implement everything you've learned about yourself and who you want to be?

*Let's Do This package includes ten 45 minute coaching sessions, the full Jump Start package, homework assignments, worksheets and email coaching

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"This isn’t easy. This is hard. It’s messy. It’s deep. You’re going to confront beliefs about yourself that you didn’t even know you had, that have been holding you back. You’re going to make changes that feel uncomfortable at first. You’ll feel like retreating into your old, unfulfilling, but comfortable way of being. Mae will keep you going! Because on the other side, you’ll be free to be who you are meant to be and doing work that inspires you!

Coaching was a process of becoming the best version of myself– not who I was expected to be at work, not who I trained to be in school… but who I truly am. Mae helped me figure out how to bring that good stuff out and into the world!​​"

- Lynsay B

Before coaching 

Public Servant

After coaching

Freelance Consultant

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