Ready to cure your quarter, 30s or mid-life crisis? 


Ten coaching sessions and 4 steps to get you unstuck and start living a life that lights you up.


Shift your stuck energy


Get out of your own way


Discover your purpose


'Maek' it happen

01 Shift your stuck energy:

When you're feeling stuck, you have no spark. You might even be close to burn out. You feel trapped and frustrated and hopeless about your future.

Making decisions about what and how to change when you’re in this place is really hard. So don't. Let's first help you heal, make time for yourself, slow down and bring some flow, fun and positive energy back into your life.


02 Get out of your own way:

There's a reason why you haven't made a change yet and it's not because of the circumstances around you. It's because our brains are really good at making us play small to keep us safe.


Identify your fears, excuses and inner blocks and learn strategies to get past them.  

03 Discover your purpose:

It's time to figure out the right path for you.


The only way to do that is to find your purpose. Your purpose isn't complicated, it's simply just to be as YOU as possible but discovering who you are can feel complicated because it's tied up in all the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and the prescriptions our culture tells us to follow to find happiness and success.


Let's reconnect with what truly matters to you, what lights you up, and what you're great at. Get a sneak peak of the things we'll work on here.

04 'Maek' it happen:

Time to take action. Build a strong sense of trust in yourself, think through worst case scenarios and practice being comfortable in the uncomfortable.


'Maeking' your dreams come true is easy when you've got the support, strategies and accountability to go for it. 

*This package includes ten 45 minute coaching sessions, the Energy Leadership Index assessment & 1 hour debrief, homework assignments, worksheets and email coaching

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"This isn’t easy. This is hard. It’s messy. It’s deep. You’re going to confront beliefs about yourself that you didn’t even know you had, that have been holding you back. You’re going to make changes that feel uncomfortable at first. You’ll feel like retreating into your old, unfulfilling, but comfortable way of being. Mae will keep you going! Because on the other side, you’ll be free to be who you are meant to be and doing work that inspires you!

Coaching was a process of becoming the best version of myself– not who I was expected to be at work, not who I trained to be in school… but who I truly am. Mae helped me figure out how to bring that good stuff out and into the world!​​"

- Lynsay B

Before coaching 

Public Servant

After coaching

Freelance Consultant

 Maek it Happen Life Coaching

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