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Updated: Sep 23, 2019

What services do you offer?

You can choose from a range of packages to suit your needs and budget:

  • The Jump Start - An online assessment + report + 45 coaching session

  • The Stuck Cure - Intake session (30 mins), 4 coaching sessions (45 mins), wrap-up session (30 mins) & customized action guide

  • The Let’s Do This - Intake session (30 mins), 10 coaching sessions (45 mins), the Jump Start package, wrap-up session (30 mins) & customized action guide.

I also offer a free 1:1 coaching session for anyone to get some immediate results, get a feel for who I am and if we’re a fit, and what else I can do to help - whether that’s directing you to other resources or helping you choose the coaching package that works best for you.

From time to time I also offer workshops. Check the Book Online page for current offerings.

What kinds of situations do people come to you for help with?

Clients usually come to me for help when they feel stuck in these ways:

  • Don’t like their jobs but don’t know what to do about it

  • Like their field but arent satisfied in their current job and aren’t sure of their next step.

  • Feel like their job is OK but aren’t very satisfied overall and wonder why

  • HAve a passion project or side hustle they would like to pursue

  • Aren’t working but feel like they want some kind of project to give them meaning and purpose.

What kinds of results do your clients get?

Clients can walk away with any of the following:

  • At the very least, a sense of energy and inspiration and the confidence to try something new and step out of their comfort zone.

  • A plan to pursue a passion in a more committed way

  • A side hustle they have begun to build

  • The decision to quit and move on to something new

  • A strategy for job hunting

  • The decision to start working for themselves

** These are all outcomes my clients have actually achieved. I haven’t listed anything here that a client of mine hasn’t achieved. My goal isn’t to help you land a new job by providing resume and interview coaching (although I can point you towards resources if that’s what you need), but to get you to a decision and commitment to follow through on it with a plan we make together.

How does it work exactly?

Regardless of the package, we work together to set a big picture goal. What is it you’re hoping to change? What do you want to achieve?

Each session we move through inner and outer blocks to come to an action step that will get you one step closer to your bigger picture goal.

Between sessions there are homework assignments and emails. At the start of each subsequent session, I follow-up with you on your action step to hold you accountable.

Coaching sessions are a conversation where you do most of the talking and I listen. I read between the lines of what you’re saying to hear what you’re NOT saying and I reflect that back to you to challenge you to think differently.

I never tell you what I think you should do but provide suggestions and thoughts for new ways of thinking or things to try to help you get unstuck. But you are always in the driver’s seat.

I’m nervous. Do I need to prepare?

We will create a session by session agenda before we start our coaching journey.

Then, before each session, I will send you an email with some homework to help us dig into the session topic. You will be invited to set an intention and outcome for each session.

You absolutely do not need to worry about a thing. As a coach, it is my job to make sure we meet your needs, get you results, and make you feel good.

If nothing else, coaching feels great just based on the simple fact that someone is listening to you and caring about you for a full 45 minutes.

I’m still not sure, this seems like a big step.

If you are here, you’ve already taken the first step to getting unstuck. Use that momentum to keep going. Book a free session and use that momentum to keep going. Don’t let your fear of making a change stop you from getting unstuck.

I urge you to consider this:

The discomfort of taking a leap into the unknown and taking a chance on coaching and the change it will bring is BETTER than the discomfort of staying stuck and unfulfilled as life passes you by.

I’m still not sure it’s worth the money.

Two things I tell clients when they’re unsure about spending the money:

What are you spending on things that help you avoid the negative feelings that come from being stuck? What are all the ways you distract yourself from the reality of being stuck? Vacations? Massages? Nights out with friends? All of these things cost money and while some are fun, sometimes, they are simply a way to escape reality. Why not change your reality instead?

What strategies are you currently using to get unstuck? How much do they cost and are they working? It’s hard to find good help out there. And without a roadmap uniquely tailored to you and your life circumstance, I’m willing to bet you’ve been grasping at straws. You’ve probably already spent some money pursuing professional development or adult continuing ed classes. Or maybe you’re like me and you buy a lot of self-help books. Are you unstuck yet? Probably more confused than ever with the plethora of information out there promising to get you unstuck. Coaching really works because with 1:1 help, it’s the only thing that is tailored to you, your life and your goals.

I also have monthly payment plans available that make it very affordable to pay for coaching. This is an investment in yourself and your life, of which you only have one!

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