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Feeling discouraged and lacking energy?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

If you've been living in conflict with your top values, haven't been engaging in your passions, haven't been making time for the things that are most important to you, and aren't using your full potential at work, it's no wonder you feel pretty "meh" about life right now.

Maybe on some level you know you need to make a change but you just don't have the juice in you to make it happen.

Other than numbing your misery with wine, Netflix or social media, try these 5 steps to hit RESTART, get out of your funk and get going on a new path.

As you can see, wallowing in your misery, blaming circumstance, or going for the occasional massage is not going to help you out of your funk.

1. Retreat

You have to take a step back from the everyday. When you're stuck going through the motions, your brain is stuck thinking in the same old ways. Go somewhere different and go for long enough that you can really disconnect. You owe it to yourself and the use of vacation days will be more than worth their while.

2. Rest

This step isn't about staying in bed or being lazy. It's about resting the part of you that's been overdoing it so the part of you that's been underdoing it has a chance to come out and play.

3. Replenish

Take care of yourself! Our everyday lives require so much from us. This is your chance to show yourself some love, care and kindness.

4. Reflect

Big questions can be scary but you can find the answers if you give yourself the mental space, clarity and peace to ask them. When was the last time you really thought about what YOU want for your life?

5. Rejuvinate

Time to get some energy back! Now that you have the physical and mental space and time, do something you love just because it feels good and observe how much energy and positivity it brings you. We aren't meant to live in a deprived state!

If you need help getting going with any of these steps, book a free 30 minute consultation call here or jump start your energy with the Jump Start package.

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