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Try THIS for a spark

Go pull out that old hobby you used to be into, that you’ve abandoned and is now collecting dust in the closet.

Pull out that scrapbook, dust off that guitar case, open that notebook or novel draft, take out those art supplies.

Then I want you to just hold it.

Don’t actually do it.

Just sit holding it.

Take a few deep breaths.

Remember what it was like when you used to spend time doing

that thing you loved. What it was like to lose all track of time. To feel fully immersed in it. To fee

l in love with it and lost in it.

Sit with those feelings. Let them soak into your body and soul. Notice how the memory of being in a state of flow reminds you of what it's like to feel truly alive.

That's it.

You know why this is your homework?

Because that old hobby that's been collecting dust is ONLY dusty because one day, you got scared.

You might’ve gotten bored or distracted but the REAL reason why you never picked that hobby back up again or did anything with it was because you were afraid.

That it wasn’t really going anywhere anyway.

That really, you truly sucked at it so why bother.

That if you wanted to focus on being a serious adult, you didn’t have time for child’s play anymore.

THAT’S why I want you to do this exercise without the pressure of actually engaging in the activity.

Because the second I suggest to go ahead and do the activity, the same reasons why you stopped, will prevent you from picking it up again.

If we want to get you feeling inspired and excited about life, enough so to make a change so that you can feel that way ALL the time, we need to remind you of how good it feels to do the things you love, to have fun for fun’s sake, to play and honour your desires and follow sparks.

Only then will you stand a chance against those fears and voices of responsible adult reason!

And if you’re sitting there thinking “Yeah but what’s the point if I’m not actually going to do the activity and it’s going to go right back under the bed?”, I want you to do it anyway!

I promise it will feel good AND bring up thoughts, feelings and memories that are important clues. Those clues will be coming straight from your inner self, unfiltered by fears. Which makes them GOLD, baby.

So what old hobby will you dust off today?

Take a picture and send it to me or tag me on IG ( so I can congratulate you!

The clock is ticking!

PS. Tag me on Instagram @maeking_it_happen to share your pic and get more fun tips on finding your calling and then actually doing it!

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