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Why changing jobs isn't getting you anywhere

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Do you change jobs a lot? Are you what I would call a 'job jumper'? Someone who jumps from job to job because despite how awesome you thought your latest job would be, turns out it just isn’t quite right?

I get you. And I believe you - that you don’t have a commitment problem, you just really want work to be fulfilling and satisfying and you’re convinced it can be.

I can relate. Each time I found myself disatisfied with a job, I worked very hard to convince myself and others that it was no big deal to jump ship. Each time, others warned against it: you won’t qualify for benefits, it will look bad on your resume, future employers won’t be able to trust you, you’ll lose pension contributions, etc.

But I didn’t care. I was dead set on finding a job that would keep me happy and satisfied. So I kept jumping.

But there’s one thing I’ve finally learned that was really really hard to admit (and it still feels like a bummer saying it out loud):

The answer to feeling more fulfilled isn’t to change jobs.

But, it is also true that you may never be happy if you stay where you are.

So are you doomed to forever think the grass will be greener somewhere else? No. What you're missing isn’t the ability to see the grass you’re on as nice and green.

It’s not knowing or living your true purpose.

When we align our lives with our purpose, we feel more fulfilled.

So what the heck is your true purpose? I promise it's not just a load of eye-rolling, life coachey crap.

It's the intersection of your values, passions and strengths. When you align your life with those three things, you are golden my friend.

The most crucial though, is your values.

Your values, a.k.a. the things that are most important to you, act as a north star to guide you as to how to live your life.

If your job/relationship/life doesn’t allow you to express and live out your values, it’s no wonder you’re feeling stuck and like you want to make a change. If you commit to living your top values more fully and make the changes necessary to do so, I guarantee you will feel more fulfilled.

Try the Get Unstuck Worksheet here which starts with a values realignment.

And if you're ready to stop job jumping for good, sign up for the Your Next Move group coaching program starting this September to finally determine what's right for you.

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