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Pursuing Your Passions - What's the Point?

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Do you long to pursue a passion but hesitate because you don’t see the point when it’s unlikely to go anywhere?

So many of us talk ourselves out of going for our dreams because we let the unlikelihood of success intimidate us.

But if what you’re hoping is to cure your lack of inspiration, fulfillment or disillusionment with life, you don’t need to worry about “the point” of doing what you love.

You can start feeling more fulfilled NOW. Pursuing your passion just means doing it. Period.

If Kristen can do it, why can't you?

When Kristen Powell of Follow Your Chakra decided to focus more on her passions, it was the key to getting unstuck and feeling more fulfilled.

She had been working as a teacher in an area that wasn’t her passion and with an over packed schedule that left little time for her passions, she found herself burnt out, suffering physically, mentally and spiritually.

She decided to make time outside of work for the things she loved and used evenings and weekends to create. One day, a simple trip to the art store for inspiration led to the discovery of alcohol ink, which became her new favourite art medium. What started out as something just for fun turned into a passion (and later, a business).

As a yoga instructor, Kristen also incorporated her love of yoga into her everyday teaching job by teaching yoga to other teachers in the mornings before school and at lunch. 

Kristen says it was by focusing on what she had control over and prioritizing the things she loved that she found a sense of fulfillment, the motivation and mindset to achieve her dream job - teaching art (which she starts this September, 2019).


Kristen now has two businesses, making art and teaching yoga, which give her a sense of purpose but it was the time she spent doing what she loved, rather than the hope of success that fueled her. 

Here are 5 ways that pursuing your passions works to get you unstuck:

  1. It boosts positive energy, positive emotions and creates flow.

  2. It creates the opportunity and an outlet to release negative energy.

  3. It takes you outside your routine and shifts your perspective, getting your brain to think outside the box about all kinds of other things too.

  4. It gives you confidence that there IS something you are truly good at and enjoy doing, even if it’s not what you have been pursuing up to this point or what others think is worthwhile.

  5. It takes you out of logic mode and helps you to tap into your intuitive and emotional sides, which are equally important parts of you worth listening to.

Here are some steps to get started:

1. Pick something easy that brings you a sense of flow, joy and fulfillment (think of Kristen's trip to the art store). If you can't think of anything, download my Get Unstuck worksheet here, which is full of prompts to help you rediscover your passions.

2. Schedule it! Where is 15 minutes in your schedule for you to engage in one of your passions this week? It doesn't have to be a whole hour class out of the house if that doesn't feel doable.

3. For accountability, tell someone you're going to do it (free free to email me info@maekithappen.ca), put it in your calendar or set a reward for doing it.

4. After you do it, journal about it or focus on how it felt. For the rest of the week, reflect on these benefits and set a new goal for the following week.

5. Consider the obstacles. What is likely to get in your way of following through on this small step? Make a plan to avoid these railroaders. For example, you can try tacking the activity onto another already ingrained habit or prepare for it now, while you have the motivation. If it's low energy that's stopping you from engaging in your passion, my Jump Start package is designed to help boost that low energy.

BONUS: If you struggle with follow through, try a free 30 minute coaching call to help get you going. You’ve got this!

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