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Should You Quit or Keep Building the Side Hustle?

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Before I got to the point where I was so stuck that I had to just walk away from my day job, I was constantly brainstorming ideas for businesses I could start or other careers I might like.

I always knew I liked writing and thought I could maybe make a career out of freelance writing.

So for a while, that was my side hustle.

But writing a novel takes forever and is really hard to do when you can only get a bit done at a time (with only an evening here and there I kept getting lost in my own plot!).

And the freelance writing wasn’t making me enough $$ to believe I could ever full out quit my day job.

So I kind of gave up. And got more and more stuck.

Maybe you can relate?

Have you been trying to start a side hustle? Or maybe you have one but it’s not really making any money? Or maybe you just have no time to figure out what you would do instead (and no ideas either)?

So what do you do?

Lots of people say that it’s irresponsible to just up and quit your day job to pursue a passion. They’re not wrong. But building up a side hustle until you can guarantee enough success to be able to walk away from your day job isn’t always the right answer either.

For me, I HATED hearing that advice. I just wanted out of my day job. I wanted permission to walk away and go for my own thing. I didn’t want to hear that I needed to just “stick it out” a little while longer until I had the money to leave.

Luckily for me I had a partner making money and just enough savings to walk away. But I did NOT have a fancy financial plan or a big cushion of money to sit on.

Was it irresponsible? Some might say so, yes.

But the second I figured out exactly what I wanted to go for and knew with certainty that it was the right thing for me, I was ready to make the shift.

Some of you might be wondering if YOU should just keep working on your side hustle for now or when it’s OK to just quit and go for it.

Here are 5 things to consider to help you decide:

1. How draining is your day job?

If it’s really dragging you down then it’s taking away energy you could use on building your dream career. If you feel miserable and/or exhausted 5 days a week then good luck trying to find the enthusiasm and energy you need to work on your side hustle.

We each only have a finite amount of energy. You can’t go out and find new positive energy to fuel you. If you want more positive energy you have to transform the negative.

2. How much security do you really need?

Many of us talk ourselves out of quitting because it doesn’t seem financially responsible to leave a steady pay cheque for the unknown/unpredictable income of a new business or project. Fair.

BUT you can likely live off of less than you are now if you’re willing to make that sacrifice to go for what you want. (We adjusted our living expenses and lifestyle for me to be able to pursue my dream job - for example, second hand clothes, no travelling and free vs. paid activities).

3. Is your side hustle really something you love?

If it isn’t, or if you aren’t convinced that it’s RIGHT for you, there’s no way you’ll have the grit or stamina to pursue it until it starts making enough money for you to leave your day job. And if it’s not, then what a waste of your precious free time!

Download the Find Your Purpose worksheet here to confirm that what you have in mind is the right fit for you.

4. How toxic is your current day job? Is it taking a toll on your mental health? Then regardless of how that might impact your dream future, for the sake of your WELLBEING and HEALTH, it’s best to quit.

5. How much time does your dream require to get up off the ground?

If it’s something that grows slowly through relationship building and building an audience on social media, then it could be better suited as a side hustle for now (but make sure you set some goals for when the right time to make the leap will be so you don’t keep making excuses to stay safe and stuck).

If it’s something that requires your full attention right off the bat, maybe you need to just go for it now.

If you’ve been grappling with the question of whether or not to quit to pursue your dream, I want to help.

You can read stories a few other people just like you who are making big changes in order to go for their dreams. Click this post or this one.

Or book a free 30 minute Coaching Session for some insights on what to do next.

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